About Us

“Bazar ka masala mat khao, pata nahi usme kya kya mila ho”

This is why we are preparing our masalas at home for years now. Which gave us a thought that there would be lot of people like us who would want pure and tasty masalas but due to high pace of life they are unable to prepare them of their own.

So, we came up with an idea of launching a spice brand that gives “Purity Ki Guaranty”.

We are Dharma’s, the name given by our forefathers Dharam Das Rajendra Kumar Jain who were known jewellers in Meerut, now coming up with Spices that are pure & hygienically produced, testimony of which is its fragrance from the sealed pack itself. Also, when you taste any dish made using our masalas we are sure to hear from you “Wahh! Maza aa gaya”.

Our recipes for the masalas have come directly from our Nani’s kitchen. Chaat Masala is our unique product which is ready to eat and needs no addition of salt. If you add lemon, it will further enhance the taste.


FSSAI No - 13322001001046