Pav Bhaji Masala - 100gms

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Purity Ki Guarantee: Dharma's Pav Bhaji Masala comes with a guarantee of purity, assuring you that only the finest and most authentic spices are used

Nani's Secret Recipe: Our Dharma's Garam Masala recipe is a cherished family secret passed down through generations, ensuring a truly unique and traditional flavor

Perfect Blend for Perfect Pav Bhaji: Indulge in the perfect Pav Bhaji experience with Dharma's Pav Bhaji Masala, carefully crafted using a blend of high-quality spices

Crafted with Precision and Care: Each batch of Dharma's Pav Bhaji Masala is meticulously crafted with utmost precision and care, using hand-picked spices to ensure exceptional taste and aroma

Convenient and Time-Saving: Dharma's Pav Bhaji Masala saves you valuable time and effort, as it eliminates the need for grinding and mixing individual spices. Simply sprinkle our ready-to-use masala and enjoy a delicious Pav Bhaji instantly

Eco-Friendly Packaging: Our Pav Bhaji Masala comes in eco-friendly, ziplock stand-up pouches, ensuring convenience and freshness for your culinary adventures

Free from Preservatives, Artificial Colors & Flavors: We take pride in offering a preservative-free masala, guaranteeing that you savor the purest and most natural flavours in your spices. No artificial colors or flavors are added, providing a truly authentic experience

Brand Dharma's
Form Powder
Diet Type Vegetarian
Units 100.0 gram
Number of Items 1
Specialty  Unleash the Unparalleled Flavors of Premium Quality Spices, Handcrafted with Nani's Secret Recipe 
Package Information   Standy Zip lock Pouch



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